FARMER REDBEARD WINES

A true taste of harvest...

Farmer Redbeard's wines are handcrafted, and created with attention. They are made from grapes from well cared for single vineyards, making them exclusive and sought after. 

Farmer Redbeard, "My farmer's year begins with pruning in July. The season started early and dry on our side of the mountain, affecting the size and quantity of our harvest. It is a challenge to keep the vineyards well irrigated and shaped. Fortunately, I have a companion, my son Lourens, that shadows me were ever I go...

Farmer Redbeard wines 2013 have been a success. We have had to increase our production for 2015 to satisfy our demand. Thank you to all our guests and friends who have enjoyed our wines with us. Our 2014 Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon is available on request and leading wine merchants in the Western Cape. 

My Rooi Muscadel is maturing in their vats and will be ready for bottling soon. I look forwards to sharing it with you...

I am not one for telling a person what he should smell or taste in my wines. The biggest complement one can give me is to ask for another glass. Rather create a moment, enjoy the Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay (well chilled) and taste our Ashton's sunshine.

Those of you closet farmer's and wine makers, please join me for this coming February and March's grape harvest, in making my favourite 'Stoep wyn'...."

                                  For further information: http://www.farmerredbeard.co.za/about-us